How to have faith in yourself to achieve your Goals

Setting Goals is important to know where we want to go in this journey called Life. But most of us do not have goals and live life as it comes or even if we set goals for us to achieve a good life, we give up on the way when we face challenges! We give up because we start doubting ourselves, lose our confidence and faith in what we could possibly achieve.

In today’s post, I write about how to have faith in yourself and believing that you can achieve what you want by following your dreams, your goals!

What is Faith?

The dictionary meaning of Faith is “Having complete trust or confidence inHave faith
someone or something”. That someone has to be yourself!

As per Napolean Hill, in his famous book “Think and Grow Rich“, Faith is the Head chemist of the mind. It is the state of mind which may be induced, or created, by affirmation or repeated instructions to the subconscious mind, through the principle of auto-suggestion.

In simple language, it is nothing but belief in yourself and the unseen that your goals, your dreams will come true.

Five ways to learn to believe in yourself

  • It’s Possible

Nothing is impossible. As the famous saying goes, “Even the word impossible says i m possible”. There is nothing that you cannot do what others can do. Everybody is this universe has access to the same resources that you have. It is upto you to make the best of these resources to achieve your goal and it is important to believe it’s possible.

Expect the best to happen and be positive that what you want is going to happen. The mind is a very powerful magnet and it attracts from the universe what you expect, whether positive or negative. Hence, expect only the positive and discipline your mind to filter out the negativity.

  • It’s Hard

If only Life was Easy, it would have been beautiful to live in an ideal world. But that is not the case and we know it. Many a time, everything is going well and then life catches you on the blind side. You get caught in the past thinking how beautiful life was, instead of thinking how to get back on track and live the life that you want to live. Have faith and fight back. Life is hard and you have to fight harder to remain positive and keep the faith.

  • You deserve to live your dreams

You and I deserve every bit of the life that we wish to live. Life’s not fair and it’s so right. Nobody said it would be fair to all. We dream, set goals. But we give up when we face challenges and go back to live the mediocre life which we are used to living.

Believing in ourselves is the start to progressing towards our goals. We can only believe when we know we deserve it!

  • Visualize it

This may sound strange initially, but on practicing “Visualization” on a regular basis, you will start to notice that things are happening that are getting you closer to your goals.

Visualize your goals, see them in your mind as if you already have achieved those goals. Feel them with all your senses – be it a beautiful home, magnificent car, relationships, perfect health conditions, wealth, vacations etc. Be sincere with your thoughts and attach emotions to your thoughts as this will invigorate you and the universe will respond to your thoughts and emotions.

Suddenly you will find yourself doing a lot more of things that you always wished to do but felt inhibited under your normal circumstances.

  • Face your Fears

We all have our fears, something that blocks us, holds us back from living Face your fearsour dreams. Fear is the number one factor which stops and totally defeats us when we are on path to achieving our goals. Fear of doubt, fear of low self-esteem, fear of having no belief, all this leads to having no faith in ourselves.

Look back at your lives. What is that you fear? What is keeping you from doing the things that you would like to do? Don’t condemn yourselves for having those fears. Acknowledge them, embrace them and move on… What you resist will persist!

Quoting Les Brown – Fear is False Expectations Appearing Real. We give our fears more powers than they deserve and permit them to govern our lives.

Face your fears again and again and again. Imagine the worst that can happen. Whatever doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger.

Take Action

Take ActionTaking action is the most difficult of all. You may develop Faith, know that your goals are possible, have belief in yourself, visualize your goals and also face your fears. But knowing all this and taking no action at all puts you back into your comfort zone.

Find what it is that fuels your passion. Go for it with all your faith and you will see changes happening in your life. You will progress towards your goals. Be patient, persistent and positive. Take action towards your goals and you will be happy to live your life as you want it to be.

Keep progressing towards your freedom!


24 thoughts on “How to have faith in yourself to achieve your Goals”

  1. Great article! Visualizing really helps me. I do it on a large scale (the house, the car, and such) but I also do it on a small, task oriented scale. On days that I have no desire to go to my 9-5 job, I visual the drive home, with excellent music on the radio. It’s amazing how much of a boost I can get from such a small 60-90 second visualization.

  2. Thank you for this article! I needed it today. Yes, blocking out the negative and only letting positive thoughts take space in us. Visualizing keeps those positive thoughts hurling through the Universe. Great article!

  3. You have stated EXACTLY what is need to achieve your goals and be successful. I tend to follow all these points to a tee, and I also go full throttle with anything I try…just me. It does work and you can get there. Great post!

  4. I’m a huge fan of faith and 100% believe that I will reach my dreams. For most people even thinking about the future is scary, whereas if you want something and you believe you can achieve, you WILL get there and I’ve seen that happen with my very eyes with my own goals. Because of that I now aim for bigger things and that is what I am currently doing. You’ve done an amazing job with this article and I know you’re going to help many people reach their goals my friend. Keep it up!

  5. I believe in having goals and writing them down. I always spend time trying to visualize them but I do take action because in my mind that’s how to get to the goals and while I dream about them I cannot sit around and do nothing. Action is required. And I love Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich! That’s an incentive for sure!

  6. Hi Rudolph,

    Thanks for this great post man.

    I think this is one of the most important lessons people need to learn – how to have faith in yourself. And not just having faith in oneself, but also learning how to love yourself.

    It’s a pity that these very important life lessons are not taught in school. We are taught to pass exams and prepare for the world of work and not for life.

    I believe not having faith in oneself is the root of problems and failures in many areas in ones life from relationships to career to business to financial success to you name it.

    I particularly like to visualize my goals. But it doesn’t stop at visualization. You rightly pointed out that action is critical. Because visualization without action is mere illusion.

    All the best


  7. I am definitely bookmarking your website. I’ve recently discovered that I had strayed from a lot of what you talk about and have been reading a few self-help blogs. Thank you for the information. Laura

  8. Great post! I have been learning so much about myself as I go through some trying times and struggles…and I have learned that I am much stronger than I thought!

    I used to panic when bad things happened, like when my hot water heater blew up in my basement and flooded everything. I freaked out and I was crying and shaking because I did not have the money to pay for a new one.

    When I phoned my cousin, who is a plumber, to ask for his advice he told me to call a local company and ask about their payment plan. Payment plan? It never occurred to me. So I did that and it was all taken care of within the next 2 days.

    I now realize that obstacles are there to help us grow. My life is so much less stressful now that I accept problems as puzzles to be solved!

    1. Dear Irma, thanks a lot for going through the post. Life does throw all kinds of challenges – physical, mental and spiritual; and you rightly said that these are just obstacles that help us grow. The objective is to learn and move on and not be stuck there. There is a lot to live and enjoy every moment as it comes 🙂

  9. Hi Rudolph.
    I loved that post, it is so helpful many people do loose there way with the kind of lifestyles led today and it is important to stay focused. setting goals is so import to our growth emotionally, mentally and physically.
    Thank you for an amazing read.

  10. Many thanks for the reminders. Life can be a struggle at times, but if we remember to believe in our own extraordinary self, we can realize our dreams. I’m looking forward to the future with eager anticipation.
    Kind regards.

  11. What a great post! I really enjoyed it. I like what you that nothing is impossible because even the word impossible says I m possible. When we learn to have faith in ourselves, everything else gets easier. I remember I used to be a very negative person and it was hurting me badly. But when I decided to think positively and think things are possible to achieve, I started to accomplish more. Everything is possible we make the effort to make it possible. It’s all about having the right mindset and attitude.

  12. Love the post Rudolph. I agree with all of these steps. I’ve been meditating for 16 years and wow what a difference my life has been since I started. I feel when I sit and face my fears and let the negitive emotion out and run its course I naturally feel the positive after words. I try and do this on a daily basis. So freeing. Everything is up for grabs if we learn how to just have a little faith in our selfs. Thanks again Rudolph.

  13. Hi Rudolph, I love the frame of mind this post instills as you’re right, sometimes when things get tough we have a tendency to fall back and let it take over our goals! In a way this is kind of like practicing law of attraction too, or it has some of the same kind of practices anyways.
    I like the idea of this, because it definitely helps; Working to create a positive mindset for ourselves, I myself can vouch for that!
    Not sure how it works, whether we just start to notice more good things in our lives when in a positive frame of mind, or that we are actually Attracting more positive things, but either way it’s a great thing isn’t it!?
    Thanks for the read,
    Louise 🙂

  14. Hello!

    You know I just finished reading a book called Good to Great, and it always reminds me that in order to go from being good to great we must have discipline thoughts, to make disciplined actions, and create discipline people.

    Its extremely important to have faith in yourself and understand that anything is possible, but its not going to be easy!

    Making plans is easy, following those plans are not. But remember that it is totally what you deserve, especially if you believe in it and yourself and work hard.

    Thanks for the remind that anything is possible!!!


  15. Wonderful article on having faith in yourself, the five ways to grow your faith are spot on and are exactly what I needed to read tonight.
    I have always been a fearful person but lately something inside me has changed, I have started to step out of my comfort zone and do things that I would have never done before. However there is always that nagging fear of failure sitting in the back of my head.
    I need to start visualizing and fighting back against that nagging feeling.
    Thank you!

  16. Hi Rudolph, you are talking my kind of language as I always believed in the personal development. This is tried and tested formula to achieve any goals in your life. I have experienced it over and over in my life. I’m always up for learning something new and therefore I believe its the reason why I landed on your website. There’s a saying “like attracts like”.

    1. Hi Furkan, I wouldn’t call that a problem. It’s just lack of self-confidence or a poor self-image of yourself. And you can definitely work on it by being positive and see the goodness in you rather than looking at the past and blaming yourself for certain failures or rough times that you might have gone through. Stay positive, feel good and things will change. Set goals and congratulate yourself on the small victories that will ultimately lead to the better you 🙂

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